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  宇宙中盖房 过长寿幸福生活


  NEW idea of celestial body operation

  The universe in the longecity of happy life

  WU Qingyun


  (1) Utilization of space resource and engineering prospection。

  (2) 空间宇宙时间和力的关系

  (2) Correlation between time and force in cosmic circumstance。


  (3) Orbit theorem and related formulation of celestial body rotation。


  (4) Building houses in space, the ark of human。

  (5) 逐步减气法即空气浮沉原理

  (5) Air buoyancy theorem by reducing air closed in chamber step by step。


  (6) Automatic drive with supply of solar energy under control of human consciousness。


  Favorable conditions to build houses in space


  (1) Titanium fibre material and related prefabrication。


  (2) Solar film generator and related application system。


  (3) Human living system in airproof chamber with three elementary living conditions towards ambient balance for biologic necessity。


  (4) Quantum communication and orientated navigation system。


  (5)Blastoff upon air buoyancy and all other necessary energy supply depends on solar energy。


  Peace development &; space exploration is long-time ambition of human。 As originator of brand-new celestial body rotation thoery, I hope your cordial support and help。 Of course, if you search (Brand-new idea of celestial body rotation) in 3200 website, you can find more about my brand-new celestial body rotation thoery。 And resultingly, you may be more confident about our common ambition to build houses in space for happy and longevous life。



  Brand-new celestial body rotation thoery

  Building houses in space for welfare of human




  Historical succession of geocentric theory and heliocentric theory is but inevitability of historical progress of science。


  Connatural determination whether moon rotating or not is but inevitability due to physical theorem。


  Although mightiness seems predominance, and feebleness seems insufficiency, mightiness and feebleness are always in intrinsic alternation。


  Divinity seems massive and epiphyte seems illusory, it’s but remarkable distinction of quantitative scale of mass。

  各种天体在相对应的宇宙空间和时间里都会 最好的措施性,极,类,级,形,质等概念,通过不同的能量自然传递法律最好的措施来相互传递着,运动着,变化着。


  Existence &; motion of all celestial bodies in spacetime mostly depend on distinction as characteristic attribute, individuality, assortment, level, profile and quality by transference of different energy。

  Evolvement and subsistence of all life-form mostly depend on temperature and time for propagation in corresponding objects。




  ⋯light year--one year--one day--one second⋯


  ⋯Divinity--one person--one cell--epiphyte


  Note: the divinities mentioned herein mean all jins even more high-level than human, whereas, upon unaided eye and life time of human, it’s imppossible for human to see all super divinities just as the epiphyte can never see human。


  At present, human only know the autoecious correlation between organism which is low-grade relative to human and mineral。 For instance, upon unaided eye, human can only find biologic relationship between human and other objects as cells, bacillus。 And just because life of human are relatively long, with aid of microscope, human can perceive their living conditions and proper living regularity。 Whereas, can bacillus know the living surrounding and proper living conditions of human?

  应另一方类生居于地球及肉眼可视中的宇宙,细菌生存繁殖於各类食物中。推论太阳系银心及黑洞的探索和研究,至于比人高一级的物体(灵物)的居于跟生活条件,人类暂短的时间和空间里以肉眼所视的光波是无法去取舍 的!

  As a result, human make living on the earth in cosmic eyeable surrounding making up of perceivable objects, whereas, bacillus make living in various food。 We then come to deduce the existence &; motion of solar system, Milky Way galaxy and so-called Black Holess, in terms of living conditions of jins who are even superior than human in cosmos, it’s of course impossible for human to perceive existence and proper living conditions of jins upon unaided eye and life time of human。


  In terms of origin and configuration of cosmos, there is no way for human to demonstrate disaster orientation or expansion orientation of cosmos upon current science level of human! Because cosmos is unlimited while life time of human is limited, human can only know the material configuration on surface of the earth, for instance, human can perceive all kind of bacillus with aid of microscope, and know various biologic relationship among them, and the more science developed the more human will know about corresponding existent authenticity。


  The earth is moving in cosmos, whereas, the power for it to move in cosmos is some certain powerful object human have not perceived even may be unable to perceive。 For instance, the sun transfer heat energy to the earth and consequently to make the earth rotate around the sun in its intrinsic orbit accordingly。

  所以 亲戚亲戚所以人相对应的中心体太阳是减挡,没办法 亲戚亲戚所以人所在地球在宇宙中作扩散运动。地球居于的宇宙应是嘭胀论说,地球离中心点太阳会没办法 远。

  If the centric sun in accelerating situation, then, the earth consequently implement diffused motion in cosmos, the cosmos with the earth existing in is expanding, as a result, the distance between the sun and earth will be farer and farer。

  所以 相对应中心物体太阳作减挡运动,地球所在的宇宙作收缩运动,地球会没办法 向中心点太阳靠近。地球居于的宇宙是灾变说,即地球到一定时刻会碰到中心点太阳而爆炸!

  If the centric sun in decelerating situation, then, the cosmos with the earth existing in is shrinking, the earth will be more and more closer to the sun, till at last, the earth drops onto the sun。

  千百年来月面时不时向着地球,其因为:所以 地球强大的引力将月面引住,月球不到在地球的引力作用下,月面永被地球强大引力引住清况 中,所以 地球的自转,地球所产生的引力场也在旋转。在引力粘度作用下,使引力相等离心力时,只不过使月球绕地球作一次3200度的滚翻运动。好象飞机绕地球飞一圈一样,都会 自转!故此月球相对应地球而言不想自转。教科书证明月球有自由,而自转周期和公转相等的认定是错误的!

  The constant moon surface always orients the earth ever since, the cause is that the powerful gravity of earth permanently attracts the moon, as rotation of earth itself, the attraction derived from the earth rotate accordingly。 Once the gravitational force is equivalent to the acentric force, the earth rotates 3200 radian,the moon goes around the earth a full circle therefore, which is of course similar as an aircraft under gravitational restriction goes around the earth a circle。 As a result, it’s impossible for the moon to rotate itself。 So the conclusion in text books that the moon rotate itself and rotate around the earth at the same time is wrong。

  The moon can never turn itself, the conclusion in text book that the moon can turn itself must be wrong。

  自然界不同重量的物体,它们在地球引力场里运行的深度1就不一样。这就形成:蚊子飞的低,麻雀顶端飞,雄鹰半空转的清况 。即蚊子不到飞入雄鹰深度1,雄鹰力大所以 能和蚊子一起飞。是空气对流关系?或大气上升条件造成?

  Objects with different weight usually fly in different height in gravitational field of earth, this of course determines mosquitoes can only fly in low space, spadgers are able to fly a little more higher, whereas, eagles are able to fly higher in sky。 It indicates it’s not only impossible for mosquitoes to fly in the same height as eagles, it’s but also impossible for the eagles to fly in the same height as mosquitoes。

  是所以 它们重量关系而飞行轨道不同!

  Because the different weight of them directly determines the different height of flying orbit of them。


  The physical regularity of objects moving in gravitational field of earth as below:


  <;Rotation of the earth under reciprocity of gravitational viscidity will make object with some certain weight occur acentric force, if the acentric force is just equivalent to the weight of the object, the motion height of the object just means motion orbit of the object。 Virtually, the height of the moving orbit around the earth is in direct proportion to the weight of the flying object, whereas, the motion speed of the flying object is in inverse proportion to the height of the moving orbit around the earth。


  The proper formulation as below:

  物体在地球引力场内此自然运行轨道中起平衡清况 运行。所以 地球的自转,物体会产生相对运动。这就应验了中国毛泽东主席所说:"坐地日行八万里”的豪言。所说的是:当某一物体升高到引力和离心力相等空间坐标点时,引力粘度所产生的深度1不所以 和地球自转角深度1同步。

  Such motion orbit of object around the earth is of course ideal manner for existent balance。 As the earth rotate itself, relative motion of the object will consequent occur, which of course proves what Maozedong said, a man siting down on the ground virtually has gone eighty thousand kilometers per day。 That’s to say, once an object in existent situation its gravity is equivalent to its acentric force, the rotation speed derived from gravity is impossible to be equivalent to the rotation speed of the earth。

  所以 地球的自转,此物体在引力和离心力相等的空间坐标点相对于地球自转而言,一日行了一圈即约八万里。所以 的论点正确得话,人类在空间地球引力场中运行是有规可循。

  As the rotation of the earth itself, once the object in existent situation that the gravity working on it is equivalent to the acentric force, the object must go eighty thousand kilometers per day relative to the surface of the earth, if I am right, the regular motion of object in gravitational field of the earth is course self-evident。

  亲戚亲戚所以人就可在轨道中就会象蚊子.雄鹰.月球一样自然自由的行走了。没办法 推理,科学的发展亲戚亲戚所以人就可在太空中盖房,亲戚亲戚所以人的房子就会象雄鹰和月球一样在自然轨道中运行!

  Human can go on their proper orbit as mosquitos, eagles, the moon usually do。 Consequently, as remarkable progress of science, human are able to build houses in space, and the proper houses we built can go on their proper obits like eagles and the moon usually do。

  铁块一阵一阵,掉入河里就沉下水中。所以 将同样重量铁块打造成一只船呢?就不想下沉!这是水的浮沉原理。

  Iron block is heavy, once dropped into river, it must sink into water, whereas, if we fabricate the iron block with the same mass into a ship, it won’t sink into water any longer, this is just something about buoyancy theorem。

  所以 将铁船装上每段铁块,没办法 船就会下沉所以,多装所以,多沉所以,时不时到船的浮力与船的重量相等所以 临界点。所以 说浮力大于重量,船就上升,重量大于浮力,船就下沉。潜艇所以 所以原理来调节上下浮沉的!

  If we add more iron onto ship, the ship will proportionally sink more, till at last the floatage is equivalent to the weight of the ship, which of course indicates if floatage is bigger than weight of ship, the ship will be floated, otherwise, the ship must sink。 The submarine is designed accordingly。

  水有浮沉原理,空气都会 浮沉原理!

  Water has its buoyancy theorem, air of course has its similar buoyancy theorem too。


  In accordance with buoyancy theorem, any object can be floated out of atmosphere by reducing air in hermetical chamber, just as illustration below:

  设半径R为200米的碳纤维原料及能压力伸缩的支柱,外封闭盖上高性能的太阳能发电盖板,又加弹性塑料发电膜的空心球体。球体内中心设另一个多封闭生态.生活仑(三态平衡,供人类自然生活)。假设以碳纤维组成的空心球体自重为10吨,此时球体体积是4/3兀R3次方二418666立方米。地球外皮另一个多大气压,每立方米常温常压清况 下,空气重量约为1.3公斤计算,没办法 球体另一个多大气压中重量是5442吨。减去球自重10吨,空气约重5432吨。

  Let’s suppose there are a hermetical chamber made up of titanium fibre material with retractable backbone, whose radius is 200 meters, and there are superior solar film generator on outer surface of the hermetical chamber, and the center is just the living chamber。 If the total weight of the hermetical chamber made up of titanium fibre is 10 tons, and the volume of the hermetical chamber is 4/3兀R3=418666 m3, the mass of 1 m3 air on the surface of the earth is 1.3 kilogram, so we can know the mass of 418666 m3 air on surface of the earth is 5442 tons。 Reducing the weight of hermetical chamber 10 tons, we can know the foatage of the hermetical chamber is 5432 tons。

  当地面球体碳纤维支柱如每边向外推岀40米,此时球体的体积约等于11488213立方米,所以 也乘以1.3公斤计算,此时重量约等于14934吨。减去球重10吨,空气重量是14924吨。这就形成R等于200米和R等于140米的空气压力差是9492吨!当然亲戚亲戚所以人不所以 一下推岀40米,是慢慢向外推出,此球体慢慢形成压力差。所以 球体封闭式,根据空气浮沉原理,此时球体就会象潜水艇浮沉原理一样,在内控 压力下升至内外重量压力相等的深度1中去。没办法 随便调节支柱杆(R)就能进入相对应运行深度1中。

  If the retractable backbones protrude 40 meters all around, the volume of the hermetical chamber will be 11488213 m3, and the air mass extruded by it will be 14934 tons, reduce the weight of hermetical chamber, the air floatage of the hermetical will be 14924 tons。 Resultingly, the floatage disparity is 9492 tons once we extrude the radius of the hermetical chamber from 200 meters to 140 meters。 Of course, it’s usually difficult for us to extrude the radius of the hermetical chamber quickly from 200 meters to 140 meters, it only seems possible to extrude the radius of the hermetical chamber slowly and consequently increase the air floatage of the hermetical chamber little by little。 In accordance with the air buoyancy theorem, as long as we can readjust the length of the retractable backbone of the hermetical chamber, the hermetical chamber will be floated to the proper height in atmosphere by the light of nature。


  宇宙中盖房 造福人类

  Building houses in space for welfare of human


  All circulation drive of all motion objects in cosmos are but derived by two kinds of force, connatural force and conscious force。

  象地球绕太阳转,它所需运动力应是太阳能所提供,是自然力。月球绕地球转是引力和离心力的合成运行力。太阳绕着银心,及银心绕着宇宙某中心点运行等等都会 依靠它们人及产生的不同自然力来运行的。均属自然力!

  The drive force for the earth to rotate around the sun is just connatural force offered by the sun, the moon rotating around the earth depends on the integrative circulation drive of gravity and acentric force。


  The other force is conscious force! So-called conscious force is virtually a kind of superior ability of human or divinities even high-grade than human, which is usually hypostatized as taking full advantage of nature in accordance with physical regularity and the proper inevitability to serve the production, such as application of aircraft, artificial satellite etc。.

  人造天体(宇宙中盖房)所以 根据自然力结合意识力来制造实验和应用的。现有条件如下:

  Building houses in space is just integrative application of connatural force and conscious force。 Current favorable conditions to build houses in space are as below:


  (1) Titanium fibre material and related prefabrication。


  (2) Solar film generator and related application system。


  (3) Human living system in airproof chamber with three elementary living conditions towards ambient balance for biologic necessity。


  (4) Quantum communication and orientated navigation system。


  The above conditions of course seem possible for us to build houses in space for alternative habitation in space or on the earth for happy and longevous life of human

  伟大的中国人所以 在月宫一号密封盖仑内实验成功生活了200天,宇宙中盖房,天地里来回居住,过着自然自由长寿幸福生活定能成功!

  Since great Chinese people have accomplished living in hermetical chamber of moon-palace NO。 1 for 200 days, building houses in space for alternative habitation in space or on the earth for happy and longevous life is of course possible。


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